The do-not-call list and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) have helped stop harassing and unwanted calls, unwanted texts and fax. However, many businesses make too much money illegally contacting consumers and refuse to stop or their procedures are outdated. For example, it is common for the consent to call a cellphone to be revoked by a bankruptcy discharge yet a creditor will still attempt to call after discharge. Or another example is where consent to call was never given by you yet an entity is calling your cellphone. This also applies to text messaging.

If you request in writing that a telemarketer/creditor refrain from calling or texting your cellphone, they must stop. If they do not, they are in violation of the TCPA. We can help stop the harassing and annoying calls, texts and fax. You are also entitled to money damages up to $1,500 for each illegal contact. Let us help enforce your legal rights under the TCPA.